microSDHC memory cards are now the most popular memory card for mobile phones and smart phones. If your phone has a memory card slot it is most likely to be for a microSDHC card.

Phones that can accept microSDHC include models of Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry (like the latest Q10 and Z10), some LG phones, Motorolas, Huawei and the latest Sony smart phones like the Xperia Z & L.

Your user guide should tell you the maximum size (e.g. 8GB, 16GB etc) of card your phone can accept, it is important to check this. It will also tell you what kind of memory card it accepts, e.g. microSDHC or microSDHC/microSDXC.  Make sure you do not buy a microSDXC card when your phone only supports microSDHC. microSDXC starts from 64GB which is very large. microSDHC starts from 4GB and goes up to 32GB.

Old Sony phones (when they were Sony Ericsson) used Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick format, the miniature version being called Memory Stick Micro, or M2 for short. Because no other manufacturer used M2 it has not been worth Sony to develop the Memory Stick format for larger sizes, hence why Sony phones now use the microSDHC / microSDXC format, and M2 cards are falling into short supply.

If you have a Sony phone check whether it accepts M2 or microSDHC.

Adding a memory card to your phone is the easiest way to get more out of your phone. You can take loads more photos and videos, pack it full of music and download without worry of running out of space.

Not all phones even have a slot for a memory card though, such as Apple’s iPhone., so remember to check.
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